Escape - first-class first-person shooter in which you have to look at the world from another angle. You will not fight on the surface. You must destroy all nazi experiments on the creation of super soldiers. You have to visit the Nazi barracks and flooded laboratories. Good Luck. Be sure, you will find it useful!



Trident One 07:05:2017, 00:19

There is possible to get a full version? In this demo i start with 6 ammo cartriges only and one health kit. And whenn some soldiers needs more then only cartridge to kill them, i can to eliminate only first four enemies.. thenn game is over.. Where can I set options for sound, graphic and game control. This one default is very uncomfortable and useless. And once more question... Why so small locations are loaded so long time? Would mnot be better to ask for help any experienced for example Bohemian or Croatian game developers?

eren 17:01:2015, 02:04

Very cool game !!

Nik 05:06:2013, 10:33

Good game. Every gamer must download it!

John 17:05:2013, 05:40

Cool game 10/10

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